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Q/ How long  does it take to build a court?

Synthetic grass with Asphalt, Concrete, Roadbase - 3 weeks - weather pending

Acrylic surface with Concrete base - 3 weeks for base works - Allow an additional 28 days for the concrete to cure prior to applying an acrylic surfacer.

Q/ What surface is better? Synthetic or acrylic?

Depending on what sport you are playing.  Schools prefer an acrylic hardcourt as they usually have a multipurpose court.  Residential may prefer synthetic grass for tennis professionals

Q/ Is Concrete better than Roadbase and Asphalt

Simple answer is YES for longevity.  However if you are using synthetic grass then roadbase is an acceptable.  Roadbase is cheaper than concrete but does not last as long.

Q/ What is easier to maintain as far as surfaces go?

Acrylic is easier to maintain.  Synthetic grass is infilled with washed graded mineral sand and needs to be swept on a regular basis to ensure the pile is kept at it's maximum condition.  A special "clean sweep" broom can be provide for an additional cost.

Q/ Will I need to consider drainage?

Yes, The court should have a natural flow of at least 1% however existing courts will need to be addressed when resurfacing occurs to ensure mould does not build up and ruin the integrity of the grass/surface.

Q/ Can my existing court be resurfaced and how long will this take?

Yes, depending on whether it is synthetic or acrylic, the whole process takes about 1 week. Sometimes with synthetic grass once the original grass is pulled up the can be some issues with the base, however this will be addressed with the client as soon as the grass is lifted.

Q/ Can we replace our accessories at the time of the court resurfacing?

Yes, we are able to provide a large range of accessories for most outdoor sports.  Our accessories we use are good quality Australian  products.

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